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Fork of the infamous narrative plugin for Unity called Fungus

Unity 2019.4.9f1MIT LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on September 24th, 2020
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Rotten Fungus

This Repo of Fungus only for my personal playground and project and not intended for production use or to outperform the original.

WARNING!: Most of new features implemented(if not all of them) are hardcoded and it does not follow original Fungus code style. Like at all!

What’s New

  • Flexibility handling the state of Active/Non-Active character Note: This in form of custom Command, it should work with original Fungus. Copy paste the CharacterActiveState.cs to the respective folder.

  • Add “wobbly/punch” effect to Stage and Control Stage for active/speaking character. This can be used together with “Dim”.

  • 3rd Person Say Dialog (On Progress! WON’t BE COMPATIBLE WITH 3.14 release!) Add 3rd person narration, like in novels e.g: John: I am mad at you! (*John slams his fist on to table! <-- This should appear anywhere on screen based on user predefined position)

The 3rd person dialog won’t be compatible with version 3.14 or later as the new version of Fungus will have new save system. Should be easy to adapt but you’re on your own!


The intention of this fork is not meant to supersede the original but with the intention to be suitable to my needs.

This fork won’t be compatible for 3.14 release.

Original Fungus: (

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