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Fork of the infamous narrative plugin for Unity called Fungus

Unity 2019.4.10f1MIT LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on September 24th, 2020
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My personal playground and tools used in Aya’s Loop.

Custom Commands/Tools

Transition Custom Command
Transition effects with jump between labels

Game Paused Command
Drag and drop solution of game pause functionality.
Make sure to create unconnected/independent block in your flowcharts dedicated only for this custom command. 2 Keypress events are supported (KeyDown & KeyUp). If you don’t like the default template, you can disable the text and create your own canvas along with it’s UIs and make it pretty 😃.

Download the custom command here: https://github.com/breadnone/O-Fungus/blob/master/Assets/Fungus/Scripts/Commands/PauseScreen.cs
Drag and drop the file in Assets/Fungus/Scripts/Command folder.

Balloon Thoughts/Dialogs
Similar popup effects like you would find in Anime/Manga.

  1. Use empty gameobject for positioning and drag n drop to the spawn point in inspector.
  2. Drag n drop your sprite/prefab to Balloon Sprite. Just 1 sprite/bitmap, it will get multiplied to 3 chunks.
  3. Create fresh Canvas. Then create your Text component inside that canvas.
  4. IMPORTANT! Put your sprite and Text component inside the same Canvas so it will get anchored properly without needing to adjust manually.
  • 3Framer(On Progress)
    Traditional frame-by-frame animation using 3 bitmap images, useful for Anime/manga-like effects. This is a lightweight solution compared to Unity’s animator simply because some of us don’t need a fancy animation which sacrifices performance (sccreenshots soon!).

  • Fake 2D Particle Effects This thing is awesome 😃
    A particle system but with pure 2D.

  1. Placed your sprites to be used as the particles on stage and DISABLE/set it to inactive.
  2. There are there slots for differect sprites. Put your sprites on each of them.
  3. For positioning, use an empty GameObject and use it’s x and y axis to position your spawn points.
  4. Set your empry canvas container. This is important in the long run so it won’t clog your memory!
  5. IMPORTANT! Input your predefined TAG in the tag input field or else the instantiated clones won’t be destroyed!.
  6. The key for the particles to look more random, use the delay funtion on the inspector.
  7. To stop the loop/animation just put the same command block with “Effect Type = NONE” AND “Your Tag Name!. IMPORTANT”
    Download: https://github.com/breadnone/O-Fungus/blob/master/Assets/Fungus/Scripts/Commands/twoDeffects.cs
  • Secondary Character effects/expression
    A hardcoded predefined tween presets utilizing LeanTween. To battle the offset issue, sadly the loop option has been limited with 2-3 times per cycle then immediately stops without needing to drop additional commands to stop the tweens, this way it’s more practical and less messy. Supports tween chaining if used together with another sequence of tweens, adding delays block such as; wait frames/wait command may results in unique tween chains otherwise it will combine the tweens. Download: https://github.com/breadnone/O-Fungus/blob/master/Assets/Fungus/Scripts/Commands/CharacterEffects.cs Drag and drop the file in Assets/Fungus/Scripts/Command folder.

  • Add “wobbles/punch” effect to Stage and Control Stage for active/speaking character which can be used together with “Dim”.

  • 3rd Person Say Dialog(On Progress)
    Add 3rd person narration, like in novels e.g: John: I am mad at you! (*John slams his fist on to table! <-- This should appear anywhere on screen based on user predefined prefabs)


This fork won’t be compatible for 3.14 release.

Original Fungus: (https://github.com/snozbot/fungus)

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