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VR Game for Learning English

Unity 2019.2.12f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 45 days agoCreated on September 6th, 2020
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Educational game for toddlers that user can see animals and learn about them in english

Target Users

  • Any toddlers who want to learn English words


  • Users can naturally learn English words of animals
  • By answering quiz, users can review what they learned

Domain & Platform

  • VR & Google Cardboard

Main Feature

  • The application consists of two stages
  • The Background is a Zoo and Farm
  • Stage1 : Learning English words
  • Stage2 : Quiz



Select Stage/Mode

[Stage1] Learning

  • User can walk around the zoo and farm

  • Touch and animal, the word is shown and user hears the animal’s crying
  • Each background has different animals

[Stage2] Quiz

  • Shows the word
  • User walks through the zoo and find the animal that matches the word

  • User Find the animal and click the button
  • If the answer is correct, user will hear the animal’s crying and O mark appears
  • If the answer is wrong, X mark appears


  • When the user looks down, pasue menu appears
  • During pause
    • player can’t navigate the scene
    • time stops in Quiz stage
  • Setting
    • user can change volume of music and sound effects

The Role and Contribution

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