VR musical physics sandbox game made in Unity. When a bead hits a bouncepad it creates a sound, the pitch scales dependent on velocity.

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  • You can spawn objects by picking them up from your wrists
  • You can snap objects rotationally using the index finger trigger
  • There are two objects:
    • Spawner, which outputs beads
    • BouncePad
  • Velocity scales the pitch of the sound when a bead hits a bouncepad
  • You can change the tempo of a spawner using the thumbstick up./down while held
    • Left/right will cycle the instrument
  • Supports Oculus Rift only (probably works with Vive via ReVive)

To-do / Ideas

  • More sounds
  • Ability to import custom sounds
  • Flexible spawner framework, spawn balls of different colours/sounds
  • Teleporting mechanic
  • Scaling bouncepads
  • Flexible object UI framework
  • Wind/Boost object
  • Spawners of different time periods
  • Visual effect object (instead of sound)
  • Antigravity balls
  • Logic items
    • Random
    • Buffer
    • Manual spawner (press to spawn)
  • SteamVR support