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An in-editor, modular tool to make Unity game builds easier and more convenient

Unknown VersionApache License 2.0Updated 20 days agoCreated on April 27th, 2020
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An in editor, modular tool to make Unity game builds easier and more convenient.


  • Easy to get at menu of settings to build your Unity player.
  • Build Actions (Can add custom GUI to the tool, do something before and after a build)
    • Two provided ones are supplied, CopyFilesOnBuild and RunOnBuild
  • Easily do a “Quick” build, a new build, or a scripts only build.


Please read all of the install instructions before installing!

Installing the package

To install it via the package manager you will need to:

  1. Open up the package manager via Windows -> Package Manager
  2. Click on the little + sign -> Add package from git URL…
  3. Type https://github.com/VoltUnityPackages/VoltUnityBuilder.git and add it
  4. Unity will now download and install the package

Using the tool

To use the tool, go to Tools -> Volt Unity Builder -> Volt Builder. It will open up a screen that looks like this:


Its recommended to dock the window somewhere for convince.

Supported Versions

This tool was built and tested for Unity 2019.4 on Windows.

Other OSes should work; however, no testing has been done on them.

Adding a custom ‘Build Action’

To add a custom Build Action, add a class to your project, and make it implement IBuildAction. You will then need to add the required methods: OnGUI(), OnBeforeBuild(string buildLocation), and OnAfterBuild(string buildLocation).

In the end it should look like this:

using Voltstro.UnityBuilder.Actions;

public class CustomBuildAction : IBuildAction
	public void OnGUI()
		//Do your GUI stuff here

	public void OnBeforeBuild(string buildLocation)
		//Do stuff you want to do before a build

	public void OnAfterBuild(string buildLocation)
		//Do stuff here after a build

After that, the tool will automaticaly add it as a selectable option in the dropdown in the Build Actions.


Voltstro – Initial WorkVoltstro


This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license – see the LICENSE file for details.

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