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Custom mesh collider, HexagonRenderer, sprite masks, sound effects and control

Unity 2020.1.8f1MIT LicenseUpdated 117 days agoCreated on October 2nd, 2020
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Click on the image below to see the demo video.


1. Draw Hexagon

  1. Click button “Draw Hexagon Mesh” to draw a hexagon.
  2. Use double-click inside the Hexagon area to change its color to any random color.
  3. Make sure that double-click works only inside the Haxagon. Try to click in the corners of the transparent Rectangle area in which the Hexagon is drawn.

2. Mask

  1. Click button “Change Sprite Mask” to switch btween different shapes - hexagon, I, 💜, Unity, circle.

3. Sound

  1. Use Checkbox to Mute or UnMute the sound.
  2. Use Slider to gradually decrease/increase the volume level of the sound. Notice that it doesn’t drop but is transitioning smoothly.
  3. The volume level is saved to the PlayerPrefs so it would be restored after application restart.
  4. Click button “Play Narrator Sound” to play 2 short sounds with “Duck Volume” effect - the level of the background music decreases while playing the narrator sound.
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