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actor based udp network engine (core server)

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ABUNE stands for ‘Actor Based Udp Network Engine’.

This game server implementation is a based on Akka.net and provides a highly scalable actor based runtime primarily for games based on .NET core (like f.e. unity based games).

Key features

  • large player count - linearly scaling of network, cpu and memory with Akka.NET cluster technology
  • huge game worlds - nearly unlimited amount of game objects using Akka.NET sharding technology
  • low latency - reach every object and client within one hop in less than 10 ms using the reactive nature of Akka.net
  • realiable udp - quality of service layer on top of udp protocol
  • single sign on - authenticate clients using external access tokens based on JWT JWT.io
  • unity client samples - WORK IN PROGESS/COMING SOON different unity client implementation samples (FPS, MMO, RACING,…)


Game system

Abune concept


  • no lockstep support due to massive parallelism
  • restricted server side game logic due to light weight actor based system (client quorum is planned for anti cheat to support self-hosted trusted-client instances)

Getting started

  • Start the server locally using VS 2019 - Open src/Abune.Server.sln and press F5
  • Deploy single server instance using docker - Just run docker run abunedotnet/abune-server:0.1.0
  • Deploy load balanced server cluster using kubernetes / Azure AKS - See Setup Azure Kubernetes Cluster

Build Status

Build Status

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