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Repo for the HIZUVI visual novel maker, a tool for Unity to make visual novels

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Repo for the HIZUVI visual novel creator, a tool for Unity to make visual novels


Glad you found your way here! Let me talk a bit about the license for this project. I just want you to be able to use this with as little hassle as possible, for all projects. No matter if it’s a dialogue system in an rpg, a stylish cutscene or, of course, a visual novel. (Although if used with different games than visual novels there are things that you might want to rewrite) So whatever you use this for, no matter what it is, I want you to credit where credit is due. If you use as a basis for the whole game, then I would appreciate if you credit to either me in the game/program ar at least show that it was made using the “HIZUVI novel maker”. If you use this for a tiny or small part of the game, then do what you think is approperiate. I put my trust in you for this, because I want to put as much power as possible into your hands.

If you don’t know what this is, then here is a simple explaination: The HIZUVI visual novel creator is a system made with xNode which you can use for dialogue systems, primarily in visual novels.

Thats my explaination. Hope it’s good enough.

Check out the wiki on how how to get started, and how to write custom nodes, and what more this can do. https://github.com/StutteA/hiVN/wiki

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