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Unity3D : Simple RPG UI Project

A simple Unity3D project with the essencial components to start a basic UI system and game interactions

Here’s a GIF showing the project :

Camera Scroll :


Camera Control :


Basic Movement + Jump


Bag system


Abilities system


Features :

  • Abilites bar :

    • made with ScriptableObjects
    • Base ability to inherit from and implement abilites
    • Cooldown display
  • Items bag :

    • made with ScriptableObjects
    • Grid display
    • Search item search bar
  • Health bar :

    • Basic health and resources bar

Just making this in case somebody wants a base for a UI system of just to get an idea about where and how to start

v1.1 :

  • Camera Features :

    • Camera Rotation with Mouse
    • Look around by presseing LeftCtrl + Mouve Mouse
  • Player Control :

    • Basic Mouvement with arrows and WQSD
    • Jump with Space
  • Resources :

    • Adding multiple types of resources ([Mana , Rage ,Energy , Wind] so far)
    • Alert message when not enough resources for ability (“Not Enough Mana” , “Not Enough Wind” , etc …)

If you have any questions or ideas feel free to reach out on discord ! Profile ID : Bloodthirst#9565



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