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Example project integrating Machinations UP inside Tanks, an example used in a popular talk on Scriptable Objects.

Unity 2020.1.6f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 38 days agoCreated on May 30th, 2020
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Machinations UP - Unity Example: Tanks

This repository integrates Machinations UP within Tanks, an example used in a popular talk on Unity Scriptable Objects.

Running this example

  1. Install the latest version of the Unity 3D Engine by downloading Unity Hub from here. Once you installed Unity Hub, you will need to add a Unity 3D install. Stuck? Check our Detailed Unity Installation Guide here.
  2. Open Unity 3D and navigate to where you cloned this repo. Upon opening the folder, your Unity Editor should look something like this:
    Image of Unity Editor
  3. In Machinations, create your own copy of our Tanks Unity Updated Machinations diagram by clicking “Add to My Machinations” (top right).
  4. In Unity, in the Scene Hierarchy tab, configure the MachinationsGameLayer with the correct User Key & Diagram Token. Here’s how to find these:
    1. MachinationsGameLayer inside Unity:
      Image of MachinationsGameLayer Configuration
    2. User Key in your Machinations account:
      Image of Machinations User Account
    3. Diagram Token in the Machinations Diagram:
      Image of Machinations Diagram Details
  5. Run the game in Unity by pressing the “Play” arrow in the center-top, above the stage. Then, hit “Play” in the game’s menu.
  6. Go ahead and change the Player Tank HP Pool (or even better, the Projectile Force and Projectile Radius Pools) in the Tanks diagram. If everything works, you should see changes in the TankStats and/or ShellStats ScriptableObjects (which you can search for in Unity’s Project tab).

Points of Interest (within the example’s code)

Classes inside the game use UP to get their values from the Machinations diagram, via the MachinationsGameLayer. Here are some files where you can see how it all works.

  • Both TankHealth.cs and TankMovement.cs use the Scriptable Object TankStats.cs. This is a “Machinations ScriptableObject”, as in, it serves as a direct connection between Machinations and Unity and does nothing else.
  • ShellExplosion.cs uses ShellStats.cs to determine the Damage, Radius and Force of the explosion. This is another “Machinations ScriptableObject”.
  • SimpleAudioEvent.cs and SimpleSniper.cs are ScriptableObjects that also have their own functionality, beside the Machinations interface.

Useful Links

Head over to our Developer Portal for more Machinations tinkering adventures.

Machinations product documentation can be found here.

If you want to learn some Unity, why not see, step by step, how this very game was built: Unity’s Ruby’s Adventure Tutorial.

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