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A procedural terrain generator for the Unity game engine.

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Procedural Terrain Generator

This is a Procedural Terrain Generator for use in Unity projects. Using random noise algorithms, physics simulation, random object placement, custom materials, textures, and colours an endless variety of worlds can be created using this tool. This tool can create a terrain mesh, water mesh, and randomly place objects among a scene. The following images are scenes created based upon terrains created using this Procedural Terrain Generator.

Getting Started


  1. Create a new empty Unity 3D project.
  2. Clone into Unity project with git clone git@github.com:aidan-clyens/TerrainGenerator.git in the Assets folder.

Setup Universal Render Pipeline (Optional)

  1. Install the Universal Render Pipeline and ShaderGraph to use sample materials and shaders.
  2. Create a new Universal Render Pipeline Asset with Depth Texture and Opaque Texture enabled (this is included under the “Settings” folder).
  3. Go to Project Settings > Graphics and update the Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings.

Generating Terrain

  1. Add TerrainGenerator prefab into scene.
  2. Configure settings and click “Generate” to create terrain.
  3. Randomize terrain settings by clicking “Randomize”.
  4. Save terrain by entering a name and clicking “Save”.
  5. Saved terrains can be loading by selecting a name and clicking “Load”.

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