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CyanEmu is a VRChat client emulator in Unity. Includes a player controller with interact system. Works with SDK2 and SDK3.

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A VRChat client emulator in Unity for SDK2 and SDK3.

CyanEmu is a VRChat client emulator that enables you to test your VRChat worlds directly in Unity! One of the biggest problems with debugging VRChat worlds is not knowing exactly what the issue is. With CyanEmu, you can look at the state of all objects to verify things directly. CyanEmu comes with a basic player controller, allowing you to explore your worlds and use pickups and interacts. While originally designed for SDK2, it also works with SDK3 and most of Udon.


  • Debug everything in Unity
  • Desktop player controller
  • Grab pickups and use interacts
  • Execute VRC_Triggers directly
  • Oversync detection for VRC_Trigger broadcasts
  • Save and replay buffered events to test late joining
  • Partial integration with Udon



Getting started

  • Import the latest release into your Unity project
  • Open your VRChat world scene
  • Press play in Unity
  • Test your world

Check out the wiki for how to use additional features of CyanEmu. (TODO)

Trello - View planned and in progress features

Discord - For support and bug reports

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Patreon donate button - Support the development of CyanEmu

Download CyanEmu - Download the latest release of CyanEmu

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Licensed under the MIT license.

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