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Unity project helps convert FBX animations into DDM Animations

Unity 2018.4.16c1Unknown LicenseUpdated 176 days agoCreated on July 23rd, 2020
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Unity project helps convert FBX animations into DDM(Dance Dance Maker!) Animations

1.Install Unity 2018.4.X
2.Open this project in Unity 2018.4.X
3.Copy the Fbx files to “Assets/FbxFiles” sub folder,for example,copy fbx to “Action” sub folder:

4.Make sure animation type is “Humanroid”

5.Press Menu “DDMAnimTools/FbxToMecanim”,to convert FBX to unity Mecanims:

6.Now you have mecanims in “Mecanim” sub folder:

7.Press Menu “DDMAnimTools/MecanimToDDMAnim” to convert unity Mecanims to DDM animations:

8.After a while you should see this under “StreamAssets” folder:

9.That is the anim files can be used in DDM,you can copy them to sdcard for example:
adb push *.anim /sdcard/
then load anim use DDM animation file dialog.

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