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A Node editor Framework for the unity asset Odin

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on May 4th, 2018
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A graph editor framework leveraging the unity asset store asset Odin

(pronounced “SLAYP-neer”; “The Sliding One”)

Gif of the graph editor

THIS PROJECT IS STILL WIP The main reason I created this was to have a visual way to build and modify graph hierarchies and still use the power of Odin inspectors within my graph editor.


  • Make sure you have Odin installed into your unity project
  • Copy the Sleipnir folder to your Assets folder, and wait for unity to compile
  • Right click in the project listing inside unity and choose Sleipnir -> Graph
  • This will generate a scriptable object that acts as the data source for a graph
  • Double click the asset that was created and a graph editor will open up
  • Happy graph editing


Sleipnir defines an interface for plugging Data into each node in the graph

You will need to define a C# script that inherits from this interface and then you will beable to fill the data porition of a node with a instance of that object.

TODO / Outstanding Features

  • Horizontal + Vertical graph layout types
  • Node unlocking status and hierarchial based unlocking
  • Functions for easily laying out a real-time graph based on the data
  • Visual styling upgrades to feel more polished

If you would like to help out please submit PR’s and or reach out in the DevDog discord where Odin is discussed

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