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My final project for the college, a Unity-based game forked from Brackeys, Improved UI, Fits mobile, and fun to play.

Unity 2019.2.21f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 24 days agoCreated on February 24th, 2020
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Sticky Car is a totally independent system that is based on a self-made game from GitHub called: “Balance Racing Game” by Brackeys and it’s actually an extension to that game. This program has only one type of user (the gamers themselves).

Product Functions

Sticky Car Includes: ● Create a user account.
● Login system.
● Game Interface(Main Menu, Shop, Settings, etc…)
● Player Customization section(Changing Skins).
● High Score Table.
● Coins System.
● Different levels(including completely new terrain)
● Mobile Support.
● Game settings(sound effect toggle).
● In game sound effect(including background music)//new features.\

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