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VR Oculus game made in Unity. You can play it in browser! ๐Ÿ˜†

Unity 2019.3.7f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 94 days agoCreated on May 24th, 2020
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We have created a VR game, its action that takes place in a supermarket. Player has only one objective he has to scan some gluten free products in order to get the highest possible score in a limited amount of time.

Game is an open source project published here for educational purposes.


Developers Maciej Sputowski Szymon Ruciล„ski
Designers Julija Lachmatova Edward Devos


In order to play our game download the following project on your computer, open it in compatible Unity Version we have used 2019.3.7.f1 and build it on your Oculus GO headsets same way as for an Android smartphone. Do not forget about enabling unknown sources.Then it is recommended to sideload APK file to the Oculus using ADB tools. Just execute the follwing command.

adb install apk-file-path

You can also download it using the following link. but we donโ€™t guarantee that the latest version will be available under it.

Both Szymon Ruciล„ski & Maciej Sputowski are actively looking for an interesting internship offers Game and project files may contain some components created by other teams.

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