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Using ENet-CSharp for a multiplayer setup with a Unity Client and .Net Core Server environment

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ENet Unity Mobile Setup

Bootstrap setup for a client server architecture
Unity 2020.1

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A multiplayer setup with a unity client and a .Net Core server. The application is a very simple chat server, that shows how the clients can communicate with the server and vice versa. Other than being a small tech demo, the repo explains how to compile ENet for android and iOS and provides built libraries for those platforms to kickstart your project.

Client platform support 32 Bit 64 bit
Android ✔️ ✔️
iOS ✔️
Windows ✔️
Mac ✔️
Linux ✔️

The server application is built with .Net Core and therefore will run on Windows, Mac or Linux.


Run Project


Commandline Server

Get the appropriate build from the release section and run it via command line. Alternatively you can also open the ENetServer Solution with the IDE of your choice and run it.

The server listens to Port 3333 and can be aborted by pressing any key.


Commandline Server

Either get the build for Android or Windows from the release section or open the project in Unity and run it (Make sure you started the server). Find out the ip of your server ( if it is on the same machine), and click connect.

When connected successfully, you can enter messages in the box next to the send button. The messages will be broadcasted to all other clients that are online at that time.

Build Libraries

The libraries for android and iOS are already built for this repo, you can find them here.
If you want to build them yourself (or for a newer ENet version), take a look at the instructions below.


  1. Download NDK (Or search for the version you use inside unity)
  2. Add the build folder inside to your path environment variables e.g C:/Data/SDKs/android-ndk-r19c/build
  3. Clone git@github.com:nxrighthere/ENet-CSharp.git
  4. Navigate to ENet-CSharp/Source/Native
  5. Run ndk-build in that location.
  6. Copy the folders arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a and x86 from the generated libs folder to your unity project to Assets/Enet/Plugins/Android/.
  7. Set arm64-v8a to ARM64, armeabi-v7a to ARMv7 and x86 to x86.


  1. Install XCode
  2. Clone git@github.com:nxrighthere/ENet-CSharp.git
  3. Navigate to ENet-CSharp/Source/Native
  4. Run sh build-ios.sh
  5. Copy libenet.a to your unity project to Assets/Enet/Plugins/iOS/libenet.a
  6. Set libenet.a to iOS only with CPU ARM64



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