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This is a Unity project I made to get a better understanding of Unity's ML-Agents library (v 0.15)

Unity 2019.3.0f6MIT LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on April 6th, 2020
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This is a Unity project I made to get a better understanding of implementation of Unity’s ML-Agents library(v0.15) Gif


  1. Unity 19.3.0f6
  2. MLAgents Toolkit 0.15
  3. Python 3.7
  4. Tensorflow 2.0.1

Overview of the game mechanics

  • A replica from the popular game Flappy Bird
  • The bird can sort of fly up to avoid the obstacles
  • The gravity pulls the bird down
  • The obstacles are spawned randomly with variation in gaps between them


  • The backgrounda and obstacles (pipes) created using GIMP
  • The bird sprites used from xstrack1’s assets

ML Agents(v0.15)

  • Unity’s mlagents toolkit, made for creating a game AI
  • Please refer to the official description and setup here


  • The Ai currently plays the game without crashing for about 400 seconds, still further training is required and more tweaking of the hyperparameters

To See the AI play the game

  • On the agent script in the editor make sure the model has been added just hit play andd watch it fly! Note: there are multiple models in the assets and currently i have added the model named FlappyBirdMoreSensorsMoreGravity.nn, not all the models are compatible as i have made changes in vector observations with different models to get the optimum performance
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