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A 2D game develop on Unity Game Engine

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 89 days agoCreated on May 13th, 2020
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A 2D game developed on Unity Game Engine. This project is meant to help us to develop skills at working with Unity and writing entire programs from C#. In this project we will only be provided with a project description and list of program requirements. It means we will need to learn to design and implement an entire program on our own. It would be beneficial for us. Our project is a game in which a character known as Pacman moves through the maze or path eating all the dots in the maze. The movement of Pacman is controlled by the user. There are four ghosts which are randomly moving in the maze and try to chase the Pacman .Its job is to eat all the dots saving itself from the ghosts. There are four power pills amongst the dots. If the Pacman eats the power pill, the ghosts will be unable to chase it. The game will end either the Pacman succeed in eating all the dots or the ghost succeed in eating the Pacman. Finally a score will be displayed when the game ends. The movements of Pacman and ghosts and the calculation in the maze require programming skills. By this project we can make a good understanding of data structures and programming.

Introduction to the Software tools and Technologies

In order to develop this project, following software tools are used:

  1. Unity
  2. C#
  3. Visual Studio
  4. MS word
  5. Animations
  6. GUI
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