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Plugin to track your dev time in Unity

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Unity editor plugin [Time recorder] - Beta

Time recoder is an Unity Editor plugin that allow you an easy way to track develop work time while unity editor is open, track your develop time per project while this plugin is imported.


  • Install via Asset store:Image of time recorder path
  • Easy way: install via TimeRecorder.unitypackage
  • Make sure only copy repo assets folder into your assets/plugins folder inside your project
  • Have installed UIElements package for unity

You can find the time recorder window at Tools/Time recorder

Image of time recorder path

Image of time recorder

Time recorder tools

You can find the time recorder tools at Tools/Time recorder tools

Image of time recorder tools path

  • In the case you want to make a backup of you “time recorder” data you can make a file backup with the “Generate backup” option.

  • I case you want to restore your time recorded data, you can use a backup file to restore your “Time recorder” data

Time recorder tools

Extra info

  • TimeRecorder automatically start their process on open your Unity Project.
  • The time that you spend on your project is saved each 5 minutes or when you close your project.
  • You can change between months with the arrow buttons located in the window header.
  • Month name is displayed according user os language location.
  • In case of try to repaint window, you can find a custom menu option into the 3 dots window button and force repaint.
  • Now you can pause the time recorder actions

Image of time recorder repaint path

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