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Better hierarchy for Unity, made by community

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Smart Hierarchy v0.2.6


Better hierarchy for Unity, made by community.
Organize your scene properly, without getting lost in objects mess.

Note: Extension is in early development stage, so feel free to bug-hunt, provide feedback and ideas!
Every contribution is highly appreciated!



They help you to navigate visually around hierarchy by always showing the most important information.

Note: Icons are not attached to Prefabs root. This behaviour can be changed in Preferences.



Folder is a special Editor-only object that has no components and no transform.
It detaches it’s children on scene process, so there is no overhead at runtime.
Best Practices: Transforms Optimization
Best Practices: Optimizing the Hierarchy

Issue: Currently folders are not displayed in Playmode.
There is an option (in Preferences) to keep them in Editor, but beware of the overhead.

Activation Toggle

Activation Toggle

No more need to select game object in order to (de)activate it.

Hover Preview

Hover Preview

Very Experimental! Can be enabled in Preferences.

In progress:

  • Components bar
  • Nesting branches
  • Double-click expanding
  • Folder inspector

Under investigation:

  • Depth context
  • Decorator/Fake folders
  • Scene highlight
  • Filtering

Test status:

  • Made in Unity 2019.4
  • Tested with Unity 2020.1
  • Not tested with sub-scenes
  • Not tested with multiple hierarchy windows
  • Not tested with other workflow extensions like Peek
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