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Human-friendly hierarchy for Unity.

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Smart Hierarchy for Unity

Brings intuitive features and important visual elements in the right place.
Focused on solving most pain points and improving overall Unity workflow.

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Requires Unity 2019.4 or higher.

Add from OpenUPM | via scoped registry or package installer, recommended

 To add a package via scoped registry:

  • Open Edit/Project Settings/Package Manager
  • Add a new Scoped Registry:
    Name: OpenUPM
    Scope(s): com.av
  • Open Window/Package Manager
  • Click +
  • Add from Git URL
  • Add
Add from GitHub | not recommended, no updates
  • Open Window/Package Manager
  • Click +
  • Add from Git URL
  • #branch-name Add

 Note that you won’t be able to receive updates through Package Manager this way, you’ll have to update manually.

Customization is available in Preferences > Workflow > Smart Hierarchy.




Most important components are shown to help you orientate visually.
Types Priority can be defined in Preferences.



Collection is used to organize game-objects in Editor.
Unlike game-object parent, it does not affect runtime transform hierarchy.

Activation Toggle

Activation Toggle

Lets you (de)activate game-objects while keeping your selection.

Hover Preview

Hover Preview

And more…


Feel free to fork / pull request or provide feedback and ideas!

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