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A mobile game created in Unity.

Unity 2020.1.6f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 23 days agoCreated on November 3rd, 2020
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Google Play download

Game finally got released, you can download it here [GOOGLE PLAY DISTRIBUTION]

Mobile for mobile platforms created in Unity.

Game takes place in space. By tapping the screen you orbit the comet around nearby asteroids. Game features automatically generated music with ambient vibe, in FREE FLIGHT mode you basically create new ambient record every time you play.



Fly as high as you can. You can steer the comet with finger if there is enough power. You get points if you fly in the right fashion. Watch out for the asteroids, as they slow you down and take power away.


You can’t steer the comet. However, each level has some riddles to fix. You need to get to the asteroid that will turn green when orbiting around it, if you orbit long enough around it the level is finished. For the time being there are 9 levels available.

Demonstration video

Here is a video from free flight mode (click on the image to open): LINK TO VIDEO

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