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Flip Fall - Mobile Arcade Platformer, made with Unity. Available on the Play Store

Unity 5.5.0f3OtherUpdated 74 days agoCreated on June 28th, 2016
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Flip Fall


Gravity pulls you downwards! Use your two thumbs to play this game. Both sides of the screen modify the player’s movement differently. The first half of the screen can be pressed to apply a force to either the left or the right. The other side of the screen switches the respective direction the player gets pushed into. Be aware, mastering these mechanics takes practice!

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  • 30 free Levels with increasing difficulty.
  • Dodge, use and master a vast variety of level objects like portals, turrets, gravity-attractors, speed-strips and much more.
  • Google Achievements and Leaderboards let you keep track of your progress.
  • Colourful themes with visualized sounds make up the key feature of the overall design.
  • Immersive camera rotation, zooming, shaking and movement.
  • Progress encryption, keeping your files safe and sound.


First Screen Half - Flip Tap to instantly mirror the Player, all current and future forces now get applied to the opposite side.

Second Screen Half - Push Pushes the player into the current direction. Releasing stops the force input.


flipfall_screenshot_03 flipfall_screenshot_01 flipfall_screenshot_02 flipfall_screenshot_06 flipfall_screenshot_05 flipfall_screenshot_04

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