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A cool rhythm game aka guitar hero clone

Unity 2019.4.12f1MIT LicenseUpdated 188 days agoCreated on November 8th, 2020
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A rhythm game made with Unity

Original Unity Version: 2018.2.14f

Current Unity Version: 2019.4.12f

  • A guitar hero like game made in 29h for a game jam.
  • This is a sample of my work as a gameplay programmer and does not reflect my current skills, I made it in late 2018.


  • Mouse to select buttons
  • Red Note -> A
  • Blue Note -> S
  • Yellow Note -> D


  • Three tracks with button sync
  • Long notes
  • Health / Rock Bar System
  • Score System -> Combos / Multipliers
  • Score Save System
  • Pooling System for the notes




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