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Archive the backend scripts for a VR game in Unity/C# for Oculus Go. Made in the HCI class (2019) with Daniel Attard (U of Malta)

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 65 days agoCreated on September 22nd, 2020
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A Virtual Reality Game for Oculus Go-TrashCatcher

This respo archives the C# backend script for our TrashCatcher, a VR game developed in the context of the course Human-Computer Interaction (2019) with Daniel Attard (University of Malta).

The game is to raise environmental awareness that the users need to catch the falling cocacola cans and other trash item getting thrown randomly on a forest terrain to keeping the tree around them alive. The more trash item they missed, the more trees start getting yellow and gradually dying off. The interface is designed and built in Unity, back end in C#.

Some screenshot of the game inteface.

Image Interface 1 Image Interface 1 Image Interface 1 Image Interface 1 Image Interface 1

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