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A pathfinding project dedicated to showing off a collection of graph traversal algorithms in a userfriendly Unity application, allowing graph generation/editing, maze generation and algorithm tweaking.

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Paths is a Unity-based application dedicated to showing off a array of different pathfinding algorithms in a variety of different environments and configurations.

Development Cycle

While Paths is intended to be a fully functional project ready for anyone, it is also a project of personal interest and a resume item.

If it interests you, you can see here a link to my development cycle in the form of documented screenshots as I went from nothing to something. I attempted to add descriptions showing off precisely what I did.


  • Algorithms
    • Djikstra
    • IDA*
    • Depth-First Search
    • Breadth-First Search
    • Jump Point Search
    • Orthogonal Jump Point Search
    • Trace
    • Bellman-Ford
    • D* or D*-Lite
  • Configuration Options
    • Search Options
      • Uninformed
      • Informed
        • Heuristic Calculations -Distance - Manhattan - Euclidean
  • Application Elements
    • UI Toolbar / Tool Selection
    • Algorithm Configuration Area
    • Statistics Report
  • Miscellaneous
    • Repository graphics
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