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An easy, versatile way to play and manage multiple different sounds in Unity.

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An easy, versatile way to play and manage multiple different sounds in Unity. Play a sound file from your “Resources” folder in just one line of code!



  1. Drag AudioManager.cs and Sound.cs (from Assets/Scripts in this project) into your project’s Assets folder.

  2. AudioManager is a MonoBehaviour which expects to be attached to the Main Camera, so attach it there now.

  3. Ensure all of your sounds are in a folder called Resources. (This is so that the function Resources.Load() will work, and is Unity’s limitation, not mine.)


For the majority of sounds, you’ll just need to play them and forget about it, so for that, use AudioManager’s PlayNewSound function:


The AudioManager will add a new AudioSource to your Main Camera to play the sound, because each Audio Source can only play one sound at a time. Don’t worry, the Component will be removed when the sound finishes playing!

For more customization, AudioManager’s functions PlayNewSound and NewSound take a few useful parameters to affect what happens when the sound is played:

Sound newSound = AudioManager.Main.NewSound("BGMusic", loop: true, interrupts: false);

Setting “interrupts” to true will cause the sound to pause all other sounds when it plays. This is like the sound that plays when Mario dies, or when Link finds a secret room. The “loop” option should be self-explanatory.

As you can see, NewSound also returns a Sound object, which can be interacted with later. For example, implementing a toggle button would be as easy as this:

void OnMouseDown() {
   sound.playing = !sound.playing;

This tool also has other capabilities like adding callbacks to sounds and reading their time progress as a float. For examples of these features, check out the *Example.cs scripts in Assets/Scripts.


Joseph Constantakis constanj@umich.edu

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