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This is a small car game, whose controls are done by hand gestures. This has been made by OpenCV(via Python) with Unity3D.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 203 days agoCreated on May 6th, 2020
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This is my attempt to merge OpenCV (object- tracking feature) and unity3d game development. I have tried to move the car in my self created environment using OpenCV. The OpenCV window is divided into two halves in parallel to the x-axis if above the white line the car moves forward. The 5 red lines define the position of 5-tracks in theunity3D environment in which car moves. This creates an experience of gesture gaming without the usage of sensors. For object tracking, I have used, Contours and for OpenCV and unity integration I have used Sockets. For Object Tracking i have used a red bottle cap (coca-cola). U can find the tutorial video here. Steps to use : `1) Run the python script in your machine. 2) Run the unity project . 3) Adjust both the windows according to your convneince. open for devlopment.

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