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Lightweight Scroll Snap for Unity

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A simple tool to make unity scrollview to be snapped. It includes some default resources and provides various options as well as writing custom transition effects.


  • Install via UPM UI (git url using unity package manager)
  1. Go Window - Package Manager - Add package from git URL…
  1. Paste this url :
  • Install via manifest.json file
  1. Navigate to Packages/manifest.json file.
  2. Add this into "dependencies": { block
"com.emrecelik95.lightscrollsnap": ""

If you don’t want to use git, you can download and unzip the repo and move it to Packages folder.


  • From Sample
  1. Import the sample from Package Manager -> LightScrollSnap -> Basic Sample.
  2. Change the items in Content object(Canvas/ScrollSnap/Viewport/Content).
  3. Make any configuration using ScrollSnap component(Canvas/ScrollSnap).
  • From Scratch
  1. Create a canvas with screen based Canvas Scaler.
  2. Create horizontal ScrollView.
  3. Add Horizontal Layout Group and Content Size Fitter to Content object;
  4. Bring the first item to center using Padding in Horizontal Layout Group.
  5. Add ScrollSnap component to ScrollRect object.
  6. Drag ScrollBarHorizontal to the Scrollbar field on ScrollSnap component.
  7. Drag any ScrollSnap effects to the Effects field.

Using Transition Effects

  • Transition efffects are based on Scriptable Objects and inherited from BaseScrollSnapEffect.
  • There are two default effect on this package, to use them, Right Click under Assets, Create -> ScrollSnapEffect.
  • To write custom transition effect, just inherit BaseScrollSnapEffect.


  • OnItemSelected , OnItemDeselected, OnItemClicked.
  • Register and unregister to events;

private void OnSelectedItemChanged(RectTransform go, int index){}

Some Useful Methods

  • ScrollTo(float ratio), SmoothScrollTo(float ratio, float duration) // ratio is between 0 and 1
  • ScrollToItem(int itemIndex), SmoothScrollToItem(int itemIndex, float duration)
scrollSnap.SmoothScrollToItem(5, 0.5f);
To add click listener to a specific item, use;
  • AddItemClickListener(int itemIndex, Action clickListener)
  • RemoveItemClickListener(int itemIndex, Action clickListener
scrollSnap.AddItemClickListener(0, () => { Debug.Log("First item clicked!"); });
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