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VR game about spinning planets created using WindowsMR and Unity for the Global Game Jam 2019.

Unity 2018.3.3f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on January 27th, 2019
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Acorn Fling

A virtual reality game for the Global Game Jam 2019, made for UWP/Windows Mixed Reality platforms.

Image Of Tree GIF of throwing seed at planet 2

The theme was “What Does Home Mean To You” and for us a defining feature of home are trees and so we made a game about putting trees on planets. You get the trees on other planets by spinning them and firing tree seeds from your planet across space to (hopefully) another planet.

See original submission at: Global Game Jam Website



Download Here!

Booting up with Unity Editor is the preferred option. (made on 2018.3.3f1 but newer versions probably work - make sure to have the ‘OpenVR’ package installed which can be found under Window > Package Manager).

Installing .appx

Try below first, but you may have to enable developer side loading, to do so go to Settings > Update & Security > For Developers > Select Developer Mode.

  1. Select the version for your system (x64 if unsure, Win32 if it fails).
  2. Then right click and select Properties > Digital Signatures > Select Signature from the list > Click ‘Details’ > Click ‘View Certificate’ > Click ‘Install Certificate’ > Click ‘Local Machine’ > Select ‘Place all certificates in the following store’ > Select ‘Trusted Root Authorities’ > Click Next > Approve any warning windows You can get rid of this certificate later by typing ‘certmgr.msc’ into the Start Search > launching by administrator > Click Action > Click Find Certificates > Type ‘DefaultCompany’ into Contains > Select certificates that expire 28/01/2020 > Delete Please note that deleting other certificates will cause problems, do at own risk.
  3. Then double click Acorn_Fling_1.0.0.0_[x64/Win32].appx and follow the instructions on the installer.

How to play

Using the left controller press down the trigger and rotate the controller. Then once you’re happy with the momentum your planet has press on the touch-pad to fire a weapon.

GIF of throwing seed at planet


GIF of Planets Image of planets Image of planets Image of planets Image of planets Image of planets


  • Adam Steven - Programming and Art
  • Feliks Jakimow - Programming


Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

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