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Game based off of microtransactions. Uses Steamworks API, and Steamworks.NET C# Wrapper. Published to Steam Store.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on July 28th, 2017
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crate simulator



  • simple like loading bar simulator, trump game
  • lose money and open card packs


  • lack of direction is intriguing for exploration
  • opening card packs, lose money


  • lose $10,000 dollars
  • gamble cards
  • get pink cards


  • clicking cards
  • upgrading stuff


  • reaching achievement milestones

game: start just by opening loot

  • similar to the nba2k card pack
  • display generic backs, then show colours
  • count points

Dates: August 14th:

  • Basic concept

August 15th:

  • concept

August 16th:

  • colours have different spawn rates (common white 30%, brown 20%, etc .)
  • make cards have a points value that is counted up when all 6 have been revealed
  • card effects when opened (particle effects)

August 17th:

  • card effects when opened (particle effects)

August 18th:

  • menu to start game
  • exit game gameobject

August 19th:

  • inventory to view the cards (figure out if it is persistent)

August 22th:

  • four crates per open instead of six
  • money counter, sell cards in inventory

August 23st:

  • set inventory to be created by positions and a for loop to set index of card automatically
  • upgrade shop
  • button click sound

August 24th:

  • upgrade shop
  • show balance in main screen? (no)
  • gamble microtransactions (possibly)

August 25th:

  • trophy room
  • button click sound
  • get shop to work with better upgrades
  • win condition
  • steamworks api and achievements

August 26th:

  • steamworks api (done)
  • achievements (one done)

August 28th:

  • submit app
  • get first one free, casino, and schooled achievements to work
  • chlsea logo

August 29th:

  • implement 3 more achievements
  • implement loading screen

August 30th:

  • more achievements
  • intro logo

August 31st:

  • fix peach fuzz etc.
  • fix screenshot for crate simulator

Sept 2nd:

  • google analytics
  • EULA (no)

Sept 3rd:

  • save progress (do it for shop and inventory) (done)
  • save progress cash balance
  • fix achievement text for the description
  • fix screen resolution issue on windows (done)
  • graphics options

Sept 4th:

  • enumerator (done)
  • post an annoucement (done)
  • save load (finish up ALL data)
  • turn down ka-ching sound (too loud)
  • achievements (done)
  • rehaul cardOpenList and cardInfoList (done)
  • combos (done-basic)
  • clean up save and load (done)

Sept 5th:

  • persist shopFlags (done)
  • improve the upgrades (architect->hangman) (partial)
  • adventures and prestiging (write doc specs) (done)

Sept 6th:

  • finish hangman (done)
  • make rare cards worth more
  • shine when hover over cards (done)

Sept 7th:

  • generic text popup
  • prestiging

Sept 11:

  • save lucid flag (or count)
  • perks of lucid (not visual changes)
  • set illuminate to correct colours based on rarity instead of random (done)
  • win the game achievement (done)

Sept 12:

  • turn off debug (done)
  • fix save data (corruption) (omitted)
  • restart button (done)
  • fix hangman
  • click start game (for the masses who I “fooled” unknowingly)
  • implement meaningless upgrade, card trick, speedrun (done)
  • show how much each card sells for (fix card amounts not right?)
  • debt achievement (done)

Next Build: Sept 14: Day One DLC Patch

  • save stats should work now (phew…hopefully)
  • removed ESC to quit due to popular demand?
  • fixed guacamole “exploit”
  • achievements should be fixed (FNG, Dead, win game)
  • fixing shrinking buttons and growing when click spammed
  • lucid isn’t game breaking (my QA people are fired. AKA me)

Sept 14: // Hi people reading this to get achievements

  • sell all quicker future achievements:
  • might number 8
  • Bee Movie
  • AMATH cool math dude
  • PMATH wow
  • Broccoli eat your green veggies
  • early adopter (play the game on release date September 14-15th) v1.1:
  • hangman rewards
  • harder to win

Sept 16:

  • back on winning (done)
  • lucid symbol
  • quit button

Sept 17:

  • music

  • is that I can’t win! I have every upgrade, I’ve Lucid…ed, and I have over 10,000 gold. I go to the trophy room and BAM only the option to reset. Thanks in advance.

Sept 18-20:


Sept 20:

  • sell all (cheapo)

Sept 22:

  • music track rolls again
  • recognize caps in casino
  • optimize save file size

Sept 24:

  • duty of honour plan
  • Don’t build duty of honour without planning it
  • how to get people to play long term
  • quests with the weapons
  • weapon class
  • open cache pack

Sept 30: achievements:

  • renaissance man 1776
  • anti-mute
  • anti-anti-mute
  • new game++
  • casino royale
  • open 1000 packs
  • open 500 packs

v1.3 LUCID DREAMS (oct 9):

  • more colour types (done)
  • optimize saves (done)
  • fix lucid popup on shop (can’t)
  • lucid rehaul (more graphic) (doneish)
  • sell all (limiting Factor with lucid)
  • cards worth more on lucid (done?)
  • sell all button for speedrun (done)
  • Allow to quicksell all cards you have with a single click at 30% price (done)
  • dynamic rarity graph (probably not)


  • timed team


  • gamble with cards you own


  • new game++
  • more shop stuff (second secret shop for lucid)
  • quests


  • quests with timer
  • investigate back button not appearing in inventory?
  • fix hangman and money issue


Plan for Future:

Explosive LUCID Cosmetic Patch 1.4

  • better lucid perks
  • more achievements/longer game since some people wanted more substance
  • increase shop prices
  • new game++
  • lucid popup in the middle of the screen
  • fix casino, architect, trophyroom
  • get a mute button
  • free to use music
  • horse armor dlc
  • dlc shop
  • obfuscate the code


  • test it (a week or so everything)
  • game dev is an iterative process

Not sure:

  • flip cards effect
  • speedrun->one click button
  • complex combos
  • reset progress
  • scouting party?
  • quests

known issues:

  • opening partially will fill cardInfoList, but not cardOpenList
  • lucid priceofpack drop is hardcoded to $1 and will go negative
  • dataservice crashes in inventory

upgrades: (8)

  • meaninglessUpgrade 25 - nothing? (done)
  • Card Trick 60 - (nothing right now)
  • betterLuckNextTime 200 - luck upgrade (done)
  • Mayan2012 300 - clickable avocado (done)
  • SCOGLotto 1000 - casino (doneish)
  • TrophyRoom 1997 - trophy room (done poorly)
  • Architect 4000 - open it with -1000 dollars (fake?)
  • SpeedRunZ 9999 - Speedrun button (fake)



  • first one is free (open a pack)
  • the house always wins, old habits die hard (buy casino in shop)
  • Schooled, some people graduate but they still stupid (buy degree in shop)
  • oh what a feeling (open 50 packs)
  • dancing on the ceiling (open 100 packs)
  • Guacamole (click avocado at least once)
  • peach fuzz (pull a fuzz colour)
  • turquoise turquoise (pull a turquoise colour)
  • green pea (pull a green colour)
  • red beet (pull a red colour)
  • purple grape (pull a purple colour)
  • blue berry (pull a blue colour)
  • brown bag (pull a brown colour)
  • white onion (pull a white colour)
  • the year is 2017 (get more than 2017 value in 4 cards)
  • holy moly (get more than 10k value in 4 cards)
  • rich (get $5000)
  • against all odds (get more than 24k value in 4 cards)
  • tricks are for kids (card trick in shop)
  • FNG (reach lucid 2)
  • Negative 100 dollars (get -$100)
  • dead (get -$1000)
  • mute

in progress:

not yet implemented:

  • lack of content (DLC in DLC)


  • certain challenges (get 2 red in one pull)
  • complete it and get prestige points


  • lower pack cost
  • better odds
  • new rarities
  • new shop items

real extension:

  • each colour card has a use (blue ocean, etc.)
  • sparkle sound on rare cards
  • move inventory interface to the main screen instead of a new scene
  • more card types: gold, silver, etc.
  • more upgrades in the shop


  • inventory sometimes not subtracting cards correctly for fuzz or otherwise (fixed)
  • shop flags not saving (fixed)


  • get opening crates by playing simple games
  • get currency to buy loot boxes through simple games (ex. tower defense, rare loot are rare tower type variants)
  • Cards have letters (A, B, D) denoting type
  • limit at 10 crates every 2 hours, show timer
  • saving the game and persistent data
  • simplify colours (still deciding on this)


  • simulate opening a card pack/crate
  • crates 10 every day
  • rarity: fuzz turquoise green red purple blue brown white


notes: shootawatch overwatch hat castle tf2 magikcardZ hearthstone duty of honour call of duty

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