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A wrapper for Unity's Microphone class.

Unity 5.0.0f4MIT LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on October 16th, 2017
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A wrapper for Unity’s Microphone class.


Mic class in the Adrenak.UniMic namespace is a singleton and is accessed using Mic.Instance


  • IsRecording Returns if the Mic instance is recording audio

  • Frequency The frequency of the Microphone AudioClip

  • Sample The last populated sample of the audio data

  • SampleDurationMS The duration of the sample segment in milliseconds that the instance maintains and fires in events.

  • SampleLen The number of samples in the sample segment

  • Clip The inner AudioClip of the instance

  • Devices The recording devices that are connected to the machine running the code

  • CurrentDeviceIndex The index of the active device in the Devices list

  • CurrentDeviceName The name of the active device


  • OnStartRecording Event fired when the instance starts to record the audio

  • OnStopRecording Event fired when the instance stops recording the audio

  • OnSampleReady Event fired when a sample of SampleLen has been populated by the instance


  • ChangeDevice changes the recording device. The method internally restarts the recording process

    • Arguments
      • int index the index of the device in the Devices list
    • Returns
      • void
  • StartRecording starts the microphone recording

    • Arguments
      • int frequency=16000 the frequency of the inner AudioClip
      • int sampleLen the length of a single sample segment that the instance keeps and fires on event
    • Returns
      • void
  • StopRecording stops the microphone recording

    • Returns
      • void
  • GetSpectrumData provides a block of the microphone input spectrum data.

    • Arguments
      • FFTWindow fftWindow the Fast Fourier Transform window to be used. Info
      • int sampleCount the sample count for the internal AudioSource.GetSpectrumData call
    • Returns
      • float[] the spectrum data
  • GetOutputData provides a block of the microphone input output data.

    • Arguments
      • int sampleCount the sample count for the internal AudioSource.GetOutputData call
    • Returns
      • float[] the output data


Just open the Unity project in Unity5+ and try the demo scene.


Ready to use spectrum methods such as for standard octaves



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