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Modular, OOP - Hack & slash game made with Unity. Architectured with ScriptableObjects.

Unity 2020.1.6f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 92 days agoCreated on December 26th, 2020
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Faith : The Legend of Savero

Modular, OOP - Hack & slash game made with Unity.
Architectured with ScriptableObjects

Untitled3123123 (A work-in-progress screenshoot)

Brought to you by: Samaldi Tech

Please welcome its members:

  • Aldi (my friend)
  • Aldi (my friend’s friend)
  • Aldi (me)


  • Nabilah (CEO)
  • Rakha (Angel Investor)

2D Artist:

  • Adiva (Main Menu 2D Artist)
  • Daru (Main Menu 2D Artist)

Getting started with the project


  • Unity 2020.1.6f1 or higher.

Running the project

  • Clone or download the repository.
  • Open the root project folder in Unity
  • Go to “Main Menu” Scene.
  • Press play button

Code documentation

Want to see the code documentation? Head out to wiki page.

Playing the game

Just want to play the game? Head out to the release page and grab the latest version.

Game control

  • ‘W, A, S, D’: Move the player.
  • ‘1’: Use first skill: Strike.
  • ‘2’: Use second skill: Summon magic shinning arrow.
  • ‘Left-Shift’: Dodge.
  • ‘L’: Interact with NPC.
  • ‘K’: Advance dialogue.
  • ‘U’ & ‘A’: Rotate the camera.


  • All rights reserverd to their respective owners.
  • You must have a license to use the Assets in Assets/Assets folder. You can get the license here. (We get it all for free).
  • There are placeholder assets tagged with “placeholder_” at the start of their name. Please don’t use or redistribute those assets.

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