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This is a modified version of the Unity-Technologies UI module which allows the use of multiple concurrent eventsystems in your project.

How do I get started?

  • A folder exists in the root directory called “Output”, the generated dll’s will output here in the correct folder structure
    • If you wish to use these dll’s
    • Locate your Unity install location
    • Windows: Copy the contents of Output folder to: Data\UnityExtensions\Unity\GUISystem\{UNITY_VERSION}
    • OSX: Copy the contents of Output folder to: Unity.app/Contents/UnityExtensions/Unity/GUISystem/{UNITY_VERSION}

Update frequency and version updates?

The current commit (6th March 2016) applies to Unity version 5.3.3p2 and some of the fixes applied to the main Unity repository.

I skipped version 5.2 code as I missed to commit the sources on that and only have prebuilt libraries left (which I will add to the “Downloads” section in the next days)

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