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A 3D first person shooting range game. Developed in the Unity game engine with the Myo armband as the main input interface.

Unity 5.5.1f1Apache License 2.0Updated 3 years agoCreated on February 17th, 2017
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Shooting Range - Myo Armband

Student Name: Gediminas Saparauskas
Student ID: G00309415
Course: Software Development
Current Year: 4th Year
Module: Gesture Based UI
Lecturer: Damien Costello


This is a 3D Shooting Range game built with the Unity game engine along with the Myo armband as the main gesture input device. The game consists of a series of three stages at a shooting range taking advantage of the Myo armband for aiming, shooting and reloading.

Stage Name Description
One Time Attack Race against the clock (60 seconds) to get as many targets as you can. The number of targets hit (score) is recorded into a local SQLite database named highScores.db which is available from the high scores screen within the menu.
Two Consistancy Range Avoid all contact with civilians.
Three Scarce Ammo Keep the number of civilian hits to zero while not missing a single target within a 60 second time period.

I have created four different scenes within the unity game engine including the menu and one for each of the three stages above.

Game Menu

The first button in the game menu ‘Play’ allows the player to jump into the game with a linear campaign from first to final stage. Once the ‘Play’ button is pressed the player is presented with a text box where the players alias should be provided to proceed. Once the alias has been provided the first stage is loaded and the game begins.

The game menu consists of a score board which contains strictly local scores on an SQLite database called highScores.db containing a single table for the first stage. This table consists of two columns, ‘Name’ and ‘Score’. The ‘Name’ column contains the players alias and the ‘Score’ contains the number of hits by the player within the 60 seconds.

The game menu also contains an information section which describes how to play the game and the goal of each stage in detail.

I have also implemented an ‘Exit’ funtion which closes the game on confirmation.


The game has been built specificly for use on the Windows Platform.


  1. Unity tutorial
  2. Menu tutorial
  3. Unity starter assets in the unity starter pack and Myo starter tutorial project
  4. SQLite with Unity tutorial playlist
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