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Slightly better version of the xinput implementation for unity based on speps' awesome work (

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Xinput GamePad Controller (v2.5)

Slightly better version of the xinput implementation for unity based on the amazing work done by speps (, allows to control four gamepads with a very simple to use API and easily map computer inputs to gamepad button using a custom inspector.

##How to use : Simply drag the “LaunchGamePadController” script in on any object in your scene (preferably an empty). Then in your character controller script for instance, add the following :

GamePadController.Controller gamePad; //Declaring a variable for our gamepad
void Start()
    gamePad = GamePadController.GamePadOne; //GamePadOne for first controller GamePadTwo for the second one, and so on...

And then to use the buttons just write :

gamePad.A.Pressed (if you want to check that the button A has been pressed [one frame])
gamePad.A.Held (if you want to check that the button A is held)
gamePad.A.Released (if you want to check that the button A has been released [one frame])
gamePad.A.Zero (is the default state)

To get the axis inputs just use :

gamePad.LeftStick.X (for the x axis of the leftstick).

Thanks to speps’ work you can also use vibrations :

gamePad.SetVibration(100,100) //for 100% intensity on both motors
gamePad.StopVibration() //to stop the vibration
gamePad.SetVibration(100,100,5) //to have the gamepad vibrate for 5 seconds then stop

You can also very easily map computer inputs to the gamepad inputs, that way the ‘v’ key of your keyboard will represent the A button of your gamePad :


that way this code will allow you to have both inputs (computer and gamepad) working at the same time or only one at a time (if the gamePad is not connected) with a single line of code.

//--> Additional Objectives
//add dualstick for 2d games
//add deadzone function
//add more than 4 controllers to gamepadcontroller
//change gamepad number classes to enum, ex : GamePad.One

//-->Computer Inputs
//check all existing unity assets (case insensitive serach), auto-correct axis if incorrect case
//First controllers values get copied in all other controllers (so as not to rewrite them)
//allow change of key or button or axis at runtime (public class and variables plus custom functions)
//Check if button is axis and transform axis values to button
//make some deafult parameters (Ex : Right Stick is always axis, if button is axis, then only one direction)
//Add other default Parameters (Ex : LeftStick X&Y already have Horizontal and Vertical written, etc...)
//Add smart autocomplete
//Use custom editor for "enable controller"
//Use structs (same as GamePadController) for computer inputs
//Save/Load preconfigured inputs in a file
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