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The documentation website isn’t complete. I need to run through my scripts to document them.

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Not much has been done with this but I took the initial steps to setup a website and a patreon page for future advertising on my game that I am making. Please consider supporting this repository and my personal Unity3D game that this repository is coming from.



What is this?

This is a repository of scripts and “how to’s” in order to setup a Unity game quickly. All of these scripts are written in C# specifically to work with the Unity3d Engine. Everything will work with the Unity Personal edition and is a completely free alternative for game developers:

  • Play foodstep sounds on terrain and object’s simultaniously
  • AI
  • Basic Inventory
  • Game Patching
  • Saving/Loading Games
  • Interactable events
  • Cutscene creation
  • Xbox,Playstation,Wii,etc. Controller Support
  • Movement System
  • Weapon System
  • Inventory System

Using these will give you a huge boost in the process of your game making. Note: This does make use of the following packages:

Legacy Packages Included (Not being developed anymore):

You may use everything contained within this repository for personal or commercial products. This is not required but I always do appreciate it when endorsments are thrown my way. If you feel so enclined throw my name in the credits.

This is released under the MIT License.

Important Note: Inside Scripts/GameManager/InputManager is code that belongs to daemon3000’s Input Manager. That repository is release under the MIT License. If you don’t understand how to use it look at his repository as it has amazing documentation. Also the “Octodiff” repository is released under the Apache 2.0 License Read License. Rain AI is release under the Unity Asset Store For free. Read about their licencing model here. In short anything you get in the Unity Asset store you can use personally or commercially.