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A conversion of 3D Sonic The Hedgehog Gameplay in the Unity game engine.

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 4 years agoCreated on June 4th, 2017
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A basic implementation of Sonic The Hedgehog in Unity.


  • A fully controllable Sonic the Hedgehog Character Controller
  • A basic UI to show the time passed and the number of rings Sonic has collected
  • A dynamic camera that operates in a similar fashion the Sonic Adventure/Heroes camera scene. Configurable to operate at different angles/modes
  • Basic Badnicks (Motobug and GUN beatle)
  • Rings/Dropped Rings with physics
  • Loops that can be tweaked through a series of paths in-editor
  • Triggers to change the modes of the Sonic Controller and camera
  • A Music Manager


  • WASD/UP-DOWN-LEFT-Right: Move Sonic
  • Space: Jump
  • Shift: Spindash
  • E: Skydive

Getting Started

  1. Grab the Sonic The Hedgehog + Camera Prefab and drag it into a Unity Scene
  2. Tweak the physics/values on the Sonic The Hedgehog Controller Script to your liking
  3. Place models/objects with collieders and create your own Sonic levels.
  4. Enjoy going fast!
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