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Unity Bridge for the Surface Dial / Radial Controller for use in UWP apps

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Connecting your Surface Dial to your Unity UWP Project


Unity Bridge for the Surface Dial / Radial Controller for use in UWP apps.

  • RadialController.UWP - The UWP Library that the Unity Editor uses
  • RadialController.UWP.WSA - THe UWP Library that is used by the UWP build
  • RadialControllerProject - The Unity Demo project to show you how to link everything up


You need to build the UWP project for the dial to connect to your app. The Dial will notn work within Unity, the plugin will only have access to the UWP RadialController framework when in the UWP runtime.

Smaller Note

This doesn’t have support for Desktop Unity builds, only UWP.


The inspector is pretty simple. Two behaviours exists, although this might change to a single one. You have the event manager, which is used to hook events with teh radial controller, and the RadialCongrollerBehaviour is used to update the configuration. It has a custom editor, which as you can see from the image below, gives you the ability to set default precision and haptic feedback settings.


The next section is where you add menu items. Set a menu title, and then set the icon image. The icon is best at 64x64 pixels, and must be configured as a cursor. Example below on how to set that up.


The Demo Project Folders

There are a few folders, the most important to note is the plugins folder. This contains the bridge DLL and the bridge WSA DLL for the UWP application build.


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