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WIP - Unity Scripts for Avatar Behaviors

Unity 2017.1.0f3MIT LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on June 12th, 2017
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A continued "Work In Progress" of Avatar Components for Unity.

2D Texured Eyes are now compatible in version 0.2:

Tutorial Documentation is still in the works.

The first library components for version 0.1:

3D Simulated Eye Gaze & 3D Eye Blink Animation

Eye contact is a subtle, yet powerful effect.

If you're tired of characters and avatars that have that dead look in their eyes, look no further! What started as a set of experiments during the "early days" of VR Chat and later as a prototype for BigscreenVR, this library has slowly grown and been refined for broader use cases and capabilities. This is a simple library of Unity scripts that bring life to the eyes of your characters. With ver 0.1, simply add the VRR_EyeGaze_Manager to your character and fill the basic properties, then add the VRR_ObjectOfInterest script to any object that you want the character to be able to look at, and you're ready to go. The character will not simply stare at them, but continuosly scan them from point-to-point as if they were actually interested in them.

Read more about the importance of eye gaze

  • Eyes Alive
  • Realistic Emotional Gaze and Head Behavior
  • Realistic Avatar Eye and Head Animation

  • Other Great Avatar Related Research (PDF Links):

  • Perceptual Effects Of Damped And Exaggerated Facial Motion In Animated Characters
  • The Machine to Be Another: embodiment performance to promote empathy among individuals
  • Caring for Agents and Agents that Care: Building Empathic Relations with Synthetic Agents
  • Deictic & Emotive Communication IN Animated Pedagogical Agents
  • Evaluating the Effect of Gesture and Language on Personality Perception in Conversational Agents
  • Emotional Memory and Adaptive Personalities
  • Perceived or Not Perceived: Film Character Models for Expressive NLG
  • Robots and Avatars as Hosts, Advisors, Companions, and Jesters
  • So You Think Gestures Are Non-Verbal

  • 3D Simulated Lip Sync
  • 2D Simulated LipSync
  • Avatar Hand Gestures
  • Simulated Emotions Triggered By Hand Gestures
  • Center Of Gravity (for full bodied models)
  • & other Avatar Accessories

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