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CHASE: Game built in Unity using C# and Thalmic Myo Armband for controls.

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CHASE: Game built in Unity using C# and Thalmic Myo Armband for controls.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you ready to set up the project on you local machine and get it runnng for testing/developing purposes.
See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project.


In order to run this project in development mode you will need:

  • UNITY 5.5.1f1 - 3D Game Engine used to develop the game
  • VISUAL STUDIO 2015 - The integrated development environment (IDE) used
  • SQLite Manager - Firefox Add-On for creation + maintenance of SQLite DB used for the project
  • MYO ARMBAND -Gesture recognition device worn on the forearm and manufactured by Thalmic Labs. The Myo enables the user to control technology wirelessly using various hand motions. It uses a set of electromyographic (EMG) sensors that sense electrical activity in the forearm muscles, combined with a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer to recognize gestures.

Both Visual Studio 2015 and SQLite Manager for Firefox are just personal choices, any other IDE + SQLite Editor may be used.
Only UNITY is a requirement in this case, version specified (5.5.1f1) is advised.
Other versios of Unity will work but may result in separated files within the Unity. i.e. player object couldpossibly be separated from the camera controller. (Tested)

It is also worth notice that the game itself still can be played without MYO ARMBAND but controls will not seem natural and only the TEST SCENE will have fairly natural controls. (ARROWS used for movement)

Music Licensing

Music used in this project is intellectual property of Philip D and ULTRABOSS, the usage of the tracks for this project has been granted by them personally

  1. NewRetroWave Phillip D - Hitlist
  2. NewRetroWave ULTRABOSS - Get Ready feat Powernerd


Open folder in UNITY, Build the project and use the executable file to play.


  1. UNITY Menu
  2. UNITY Sqlite
  3. UNITY Shader
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