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Project using MYO armband and Unity 5

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Gesture UI Based Project

Lecturer: Damien Costello

###By: James Moloney: Git Repo and Trevor Davies: Git Repo ###Video Link Project is in the FinalSolution folder, the other folders contain test projects.

##About This application has been developed as part of our Gesture Based UI Module, working in a team of two to build a game controlled using a MYO armband. Using Unity and C# to create a 2D game that allows you to traverse a spontaneously created environment and shoot obstacles and enemies with a variety of weapons. High score being the objective. As this project is about gesture based UI, we took a modified version of the Unity SpaceShooter tutorial and further modified it in order to demonstrate a few gestures using the Myo ArmBand.

##Purpose: The purpose of the application is to allow the user to controll a spaceship with the Myo Armband while dodging rocks,fighting enemies and to demonstrate the use of gesture based UI using the Myo Armband.

##Gestures: During the creation of this project we found that using the fist pose for firing the weapons of the ship was best and the most natural posion.

WaveIn Wave In pose used to cycle down through weapons list

WaveOut Wave Out pose used to cycle up through weapons list

Fist Fist pose used to shoot continuosly

##Hardware and Technologies: The only hardware used is the Myo Armband. We Generally found it to be difficult to use. Although when changing poses(gestures) within the game it seemed responsive, but we had a lot of problems when syncing the myo with our PC’s.

  • Unity 5
  • Atom Text Editor
  • Thalmic Myo SDK 0.9.0
  • Myo Unity plugin

##Conclusions & Recommendations:

The Myo Armband, although some times difficult to sync with, a very fun device to use in conjunction with the Unity game we used. There possibily should be more gestures available then the current ones that are.

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