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A multiplayer mod for the game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, powered by the Oxide modding framework

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 58 days agoCreated on December 7th, 2017
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Oxide Mod License Build Status

A complete rewrite of the popular, original Oxide API and Lua plugin framework. Previously only available for the legacy Rust game, Oxide now supports numerous games. Oxide’s focus is on modularity and extensibility. The core is highly abstracted and loosely coupled, and could be used to mod any game that uses the .NET Framework.

Support for each game and plugin language is added via extensions. When loading, Oxide scans the binary folder for DLL extensions with the format Oxide.*.dll.

This readme is not accurate at the moment, instructions probably won’t work.

Bundled Extensions

  • Oxide.GettingOverIt - Provides support for the Getting Over It game
  • Oxide.GettingOverIt.Multiplayer - Provides multiplayer support for the Getting Over It game

Open Source

Oxide is free, open source software distributed under the MIT License. We accept and encourage contributions from our community, and sometimes give cookies in return.

Compiling Source

While we recommend using one of the official release builds, you can compile your own builds if you’d like. Keep in mind that only official builds are supported by the Oxide team and community. Good luck!

  1. Download a Git client such as GitHub Desktop or SourceTree.

  2. Clone the repo https://github.com/OxideMod/Oxide.Rust.git (recommended) or download and extract the latest zip archive.

  3. Download and install Visual Studio 2017 (community is free, but any edition will work) if you do not have it installed already.

  4. Update or install PowerShell 5.x (if it isn’t already) for use with the game file downloading and patching process.

  5. Open the Oxide.sln solution file in Visual Studio 2017.

  6. Build the solution. If you get errors, you’re likely not using the latest Visual Studio 2017; which is required as Oxide uses some C# 6.0 features.

  7. Copy the files from the Bundles directory for your game of choice to your server installation, then just start the server!

7a. Alternately, create a .deploy file under the desired game extension directory (ie. Games/Oxide.Rust) with a path to automatically deploy to.

Getting Help


  • Got an idea or suggestion? Use the community forums to share and discuss it.
  • Troubleshoot issues you run into on the community forums so everyone can help and reference it later.
  • File detailed issues on GitHub (version number, what you did, and actual vs expected outcomes).
  • Want Oxide and plugins for your favorite game? Hook us up and we’ll see what we can do!

Reporting Security Issues

Please disclose security issues responsibly by emailing security@oxidemod.org with a full description. We’ll work on releasing an updated version as quickly as possible. Please do not email non-security issues; use the forums or issue tracker instead.

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