JCS Unity Framework


JCSUnity is a component driven Framework built to allow the user to quickly generate commonly used game mechanics and features such as UI functionality and player movement. This will allow for a faster initial development. Most components work individually while other components must be used in tandem with others. Individually components can be combined to create new behaviors.

Important Notice

All media assets inside JCSUnity do not fall under its license. These assets are placeholders only, and should only be used for testing purposes. They are NOT, under any circumstances, to be used commercially. By using this framework you agree to these terms, and understand that you are solely responsible for any legal action taken against you for using, or attempting to use any placeholder assets commercially.

How to use it?

JCSUnity is like other Unity plugins. You can download the latest release from the above tab, or from the link here. Simply create a new project in Unity then import all of the assets into that project. Then you can start all of the tools in the JCSUnity framework.

Current Version Status

JCSUnity Version => 1.7.4
Unity Version => 2018.2.2f1 (64-bit)


Create Scene with JCSUnity

Create the simple scene with smooth switching the scene and smooth switching the background music is always painful. Not because is hard but is work that you will have to do for mostly every project. I made the ‘JCSUnity’ editor for just one click so you could have nice switching scene UI and background music. Background music can be switch at ‘JCS_Settings’ object to ‘JCS_SoundSetting’ component in the scene. Scene relative variables can be found at ‘JCS_Settings’ object ‘JCS_SceneSetting’ component.

Auto Resize

I use to hate drag and move the anchor point around when dealing with different resolutions in Unity UI system. Although, this cost a bit of performance at initialize time, I think is worth it to have this feature because I will never have to drag the anchor point around everytime I start a new project or create a new panel in the scene.

GUI System

Since Unity version 4.6, they have release nice uGUI system, but with lack of cool effect and sound on there. Here are some simple effect I made so you can simple make game with details.

Network Module

I have never use Unity’s network module, but I heard a lot of people complain how bad Unity handle networking/socket programming. I provide the basic client side TCP and UDP socket class and some switch port/host function, so you can use it with the server side code that you confortable with.

Dialogue System

Do you ever had an issue implementing dialogue in Unity? Here is basic dialogue system which is easy to customize. You can control the text scroll speed and all the images’ position. Just inherent ‘JCS_DialogueScript’ class to design you own dialogue! You can test your script in ‘JCS_ScriptTeseter’ scene.

In Game Log System

Log system inside the game.