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Framework for Unity that includes support for xml based NodeGraphs and timeline/event statemachines together with fancy editors for both.

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Framework for Unity that includes

  • Lots of useful utility classes.
  • Simple but powerful Event based Statemachine system with editor.
  • Localisation system
  • Fast and powerful NodeGraph system with editor.


Statemachine Editor

Alt text Alt text

The statemachine editor allows you to create statemachines that can be used to drive logic in your project or be used for things like branching dialgoue. Statemachines are serialised to text assets (as xml) and they support cross scene references for gameobjects/components so can control your games flow whilst it loads / unloads different scenes.

Different types of states are supported:

  • Timeline states which can trigger events (and its easy to write/add your own)
  • Coroutine states that simply run and wait for a coroutine on a monobehaviour
  • Conditional states which will make the statemachine remain in the state until a condition is met. These can be used to branch logic or wait for an player action (its also easy to write/add your own conditions for branching logic)

NodeGraph Editor

Alt text

The node graph editor allows you to create node graphs that can be used to drive animations, blend values on materials, change light colors etc and are easily extendible to add your own nodes. Node graphs are likewise serialised to text assets (as xml) so can be reused throughout your project.

The component that runs the nodegraph can pass it unique data values via ‘input nodes’. This means for example the same node graph that idly oscillates an object (eg a floating rock) can be reused on different objects each with different values for oscillation height and speed - you dont have to change the node graphs, instead simply use different input values on the component.

Node graphs can also have output nodes which allow them to be chained - one Node Graphs output can be hooked up to the input of another. This allows controlling a load of nodegraphs from one single one, eg controlling a scenes lighting and post effects based on a parent nodegraph that outputs the suns position in the sky.

Localisation Editor

Alt text

The Localisation system allows you to use localised strings as properties, or on Text or TextMesh components, or directly and edit them using a simple fast editor. It supports variable replacement either per string or globally (any global variables will automatically get replaced in all strings).

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