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(Deprecated) Framework to write high performant multi-threaded code in Unity3D (compatible with jobs) with the possibility of having an ECS pattern, still in heavy work.

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I don’t work on this project anymore, I recommend to use Unity ECS instead.

INFO: The ECS implementation is still in work; also the Factory implementation is still in heavy work (= no documentation for now).
WARNING: This framework isn’t finished, and you need to know that everything can change and can be unstable at any time.


Eudi is a framework for writing high performant multi-threaded code in Unity3D.

Imagine if you had a lot of entities that cause a lot of impact performance, mostly because the logic script is eating a lot of the performance. It would be great if it was possible to separate the logic and the render part, right? Then this framework is for you!

Write all the logic in a Worker (also called as a Model or Controller), and the render in a component (also called Boss or View). The render part will not have any performance impact that would be caused by the heavy math thingy done in the logic part.

Synchronization type

The framework give two types for the synchronization type for workers threads:

  • Unity synchronization type: give access to Unity types but give a big impact on performance compared to the true multithreading, choose this if you want a worker that use Unity methods each frame.
  • True MultiTrheading synchronization type: more for performance but it don’t give any access to the main-thread only Unity types, choose this if you want a worker that do very very heavy task.

Replica time

The framework give the possibility to have the same variables of Unity Time class for the ‘true multithreaded’ workers


I’ve run some benchmark based on the scene of the first exemple (E1StressTestCubeMovement):

  • 10 000 cubes
  • 1000 iteration for the heavy rotation work
  • 6ms refresh rate for workers

Behaviour: Unity Standard, Synchronization Type: Don’t work on 'Unity Standard’ ~380ms that an image

Behaviour: Eudi Actor Behaviour, Synchronization Type: Unity ~155ms that an image

Behaviour: Eudi Actor Behaviour, Synchronization Type: True multithreading ~10ms that an image

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