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Tween Systems for Unity 5 UI

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Tween Systems for Unity 5 UI

This tween system is inspired from DoTween.


  • All tweens are like unity components, just add the one or more to a game object and adjust the values from the inspector screen.
  • Tweens can auto play when their GO became active on the scene, or they can be activated through script.
  • All the values that can be changed from inspector can also be changed from script.
  • There is also a virtual value tweener that allows you to tween variables like int, float, double, vector3, etc.


  • Alpha (Can change the alpha of Image, SpriteRenderer, CanvasGroup),
  • Color (Can change the color of Image, SpriteRenderer),
  • Position (Can update position through RectTransform, Transform, Rigidbody, Rigidbody2D),
  • Rotation,
  • Scale,
  • Size

There are 11 ease type, each with in, out and InOut variants. Also there is Animation Curve which you can easily define your ease.


  • Rotation tween is currently using Euler rotation, allowing for gimbal lock problem.


  • Quaternion Tween (to eliminate gimbal lock problem)
  • Material Tween (allows to tween material property)
  • Additional settings for rotations
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