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This is a bootstrap template for Unity 2D games.

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This is a bootstrap template for Unity 2D games.

My hope is that as I learn, I can add to the project and help others. If more skilled Unity Programmers want to help that would be awesome too! I’m not proud and am willing to learn from my mistakes.

My idea for the project is to have a generic template that will speed up development.

When the project is “finished” (though bugs and additional features will still be coming), anyone could take this project and have access to all the best features of a game so you do not have to start from scratch.

Here is my idea / road map for the project:

Fully commented code. C# Scripts Using Best Practices MVC style implementation

Centralized Persistent Game Storage - Used for game progress

Shared preferences - Used for storing things like Controller layout - Music on / off - Music Volume

Social Sharing Class Used to post to social media, would look to Constants class for settings and keys - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

Leaderboard Integration Class - XBox Integration - Game Center

Achievements System Class

In App Purchase Class - Apple Store - Xbox Market - Google Store

Ad Support Class

Constants / Configuration Class - Contains game constants - Game Name - Initial Settings - API Keys - URLs - Splash screen wait time - Use Leaderboard - Use Achievements

Utilities Class Contains reusable methods or helper classes like: - Can detect network - Is this a web version (can’t save local files)

– Layout / Scenes –

[Splash Screen]

[Main Menu] - Play Button - Settings Button - Social Sign-in

[Settings Menu ] - Turn on/off music - Turn on/off sound fx - Social Account - Controller settings

[Store Scene]

[Achievements / Trophy Scene]

[Help Scene]

[Credits Scene]

[Main Game Scene]

  • This is where the user of this boilerplate code stars writing their game

  • HUD Basic

    • Life amount (These are simple reusable / extendable components)
    • Score amount
  • Control Basic

    • If touch screen show dpad and two action buttons and menu button
    • If desktop or console don’t show anything else
  • In-Game Pause Menu

    • Shows the settings stuff
    • Access the store
    • Access help

[Game Ended Scene]

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