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A set of scripts and Unity Camera Rig for navigation in VR and non-VR

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 4 years agoCreated on February 13th, 2017
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This is a VR Navigation script as well as an automated “Gaze-and-start-walking” script


To quick test this you can just download the “VR_Navigation_Unity.unitypackage” file Default key to move ASDW or arrow keys (or move you joypad!)

  1. Start a new 3d project in Unity 3D
  2. Go to Assets --> Import Package --> Custom Package…
  3. Select “GoogleVRForUnity.unitypackage” (you will find the SDK here : https://github.com/googlevr/gvr-unity-sdk
  4. Import another custom package (repeat step 2) choose my “GoogleVRForUnity.unitypackage”
  5. Open the test scene and enjoy! Recomended optional : Go to the input section and set Horizontal & Vertical axis to Infinity

#Also included prefabs and bonus scripts to give out ideas of how this could be setup to use Gaze-controlled autowalk function

#Licence The contents of this repository are covered under the MIT License.

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