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Lite version of Firebolt - cinematic realizer for unity game engine - which does not use assetbundle and does not support keyframes, and has most updated camera system

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 4 years agoCreated on September 17th, 2016
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A lite version of FireBolt, a story action and camera action temporal sequencer for the Unity Game Engine. Major attributes of liteness: FireBoltLite does not use AssetBundles to load assets, and does not generate keyframes. FireBoltLite features support for in-game-scripts as optional components of story actions.

Instructions to get test started:

  1. Load scene

  2. Add “el presidente” script to FireBolt gameobject script1

  3. Add FireBolt_Initialization script to FireBolt gameobject script2

  4. Go to Resources folder and change rig to humanoid (from generic) for any animations. Required on animations “humanoid_idle” and “state”. Change animation clip name in “state” to “state”.

  5. Go to Window - CinemaSuite - Create Pro Cam. Create it and replace the pro cam in scene under Firebolt/rig

  6. Test the prefabs in Resources/Constants folder - to make sure the test assets are ready. If not, create an actor and name “cowboy” to use with the test script. Optionally add a terrain and place at (0,0,0) with orientation (0,0,0)

Instructions to create your own:

  • Look in script “Input Set” for which of 3 XML files are being used to drive the story, drive camera, and cinematic model to associate story with specific assets.

  • The story plan is a timeline of domain actions with specific constants. Domain actions are found in the cinematic model. At the bottom of the story plan, the attribute values of story actions are designated their datatypes. The cinematic model also includes which models and what animations to play for each model. The camera plan is the set of camera actions to play at which story time, and for how long. Camera actions - called shot fragments - are contained in blocks. The targets for camera actions are names corresponding to asset models specified in the cinematic model.

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